5 Things You Should NEVER Clean With Dish Soap

by John Griffith

Dish soap is a common household cleaner. Its main job is to break down all the grease and grime off your plates and leave you with sparkling dishes. However, the kitchen sink isn’t the only place this cleaner comes in handy. Dish soap is loved for its ability to clean a variety of surfaces and get rid of nasty pests. It is also inexpensive and convenient. But as wonderfully as it works in many situations, there are some things you should never clean with dish soap. Dish soap isn’t really a soap but a detergent. This means it breaks up the dirt and oil rather than encapsulating it, like a soap would. For this exact reason dish soap may be way too strong for certain materials and can cause serious damage. That’s why today we will show you which things you should avoid cleaning with dish soap.

Dish soap is a common household cleaner

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Things You Should Never Clean With Dish Soap

Dish soap is a great multitasker, however, there are limits to its abilities. While it can make your dishes sparkle, rid your window blinds of dirt, and remove the grease from your kitchen cabinets, there are some jobs it simply cannot do. In hopes to save you from some future headaches, ruined materials, and expensive replacements, we will share with you what things you should keep dish soap far away from.

Dish soap is a great multitasker when it comes to cleaning

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If you are new to owning leather furniture or clothing, then you need to know that this material and water do not mix well. This especially goes for water mixed with dish soap. Using water to clean your leather goods will more likely than no result in some serious discoloration. When you add dish soap in the mix it becomes an even bigger disaster. Dish soap will strip the leather of its natural oils and make it prone to cracking and flaking, alongside discoloration. So, it’s best not to risk it.

Leather and dish soap do not mix well

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#Hardwood floors

Your hardwood floors are sturdy and durable but only thanks to their finish. Improper cleaning can leave them vulnerable to scratches and dings. Dish soap can strip your floors of their protective finish and can leave a residue that will ruin their appearance. You also risk streaky and slippery floors from all the soapy residue. It’s best to use specialized products to clean your floors or plain water.

Improper cleaning can leave your floors vulnerable to scratches and dings

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#Your car

Car paint is tough. It can withstand pretty much anything from bugs, road hazards, salt, and the elements. However, dish soap is where it draws the line. Your car is not meant to be washed with dish soap as it can strip away the protective layer of coating over the paint. This will leave your car finish vulnerable to the harsh conditions it faces daily and it can lead to oxidation, fading, and chipping.

Your car is not meant to be washed with dish soap

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While it may seem like a logical to use dish soap instead of a dishwasher capsule or a detergent pod, it is not the way to go. Even though dish soap is made to clean dishes and can get out certain stains, it is formulated differently. The ultra-sudsy formula of dish soap may cause damage to your machines and you may have exploding suds all over your floors. It is also not recommended to clean coffee makers, moka pots, and machines with dish soap as it may leave residue and you will remove the oil layer that makes your coffee taste better.

Dish soap has a specific formula 

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If it’s too strong for all of the above materials, then it’s too strong for your skin. Even if your hands are accustomed to washing the dishes without any gloves and you haven’t experienced issues so far, it doesn’t mean you should be using dish soap to clean any other parts of your body. So, do not wash your face with dish soap. Oh, and also don’t wash your pets with dish soap instead of shampoo as it is also not suitable for their skin.

Do not wash your face with dish soap

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These are some of the things you should never clean with dish soap. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can avoid cleaning these surfaces and save them from any potential damage the dish soap might cause.

These are some of the things you should never clean with dish soap

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