5 Clothing Items You Should Never Buy Second Hand

by Maria Konou

In the world of second-hand fashion, finding a dream item is the ultimate sense of joy and accomplishment. Going thrifting is a great hobby that not only helps you look unique, but it also supports the environment and healthier spending habits. Fast fashion has a detrimental effect on our planet, and second-hand fashion is one of the best solutions to that. However, there are some risks involved that you need to consider when trifling for new clothes. There are some clothing items that you should never buy second hand. That is because they could pose a treat to your health and wellbeing. In this article, we will explore the items that are best bought brand new, so you can make the best choices for you and your family.

Let’s explore the clothing items you should never buy second hand

things you shouldn't buy second hand

Clothing Items You Should Never Buy Second Hand


Many second-hand shops also sell shoes. However, it is not always a good idea to buy used shoes because they can pose a serious risk of contamination with fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms. No matter how well disinfected they are, microorganisms living in shoes are very resistant and can remain dormant for a long time. If the shoes you found have been worn a couple of times with socks, they might be okay to be purchased. However, if they have been worn a lot, they are not worth the risk.

You should avoid buying second hand shoes because they pose a serious risk

is it bad to buy second hand clothes


Underwear is certainly not an option when purchasing second hand items. Underpants, panties, bras, thongs, and socks are all items have direct contact with intimate areas and mucous membranes, which harbor a host of bacteria that also remain dormant for a long time and can infect you. So, avoid purchasing any type of underwear in thrift stores! You might regret it later.

Underwear is not an option when you are going thrifting

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Workout outfits are something you should never buy second hand. No matter how well disinfected they are, the person who wore them before has most likely sweated profusely in them. A lot of dead skin cells and other bacteria from sebaceous and sweat glands remain on the clothing item, which can cause things like skin irritations and infections.

Workout clothes should be avoided at all costs when thrifting

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Hats are not something you wash every week…or ever. Before being accepted to be sold at a second-hand store, clothes, and hats go through a basic disinfecting process. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough to fully decontaminate them and make them sparkling clean. Hard brimmed hats or caps are even worse of an option because they are washed even less frequently than soft winter hats. So it is best to avoid them if you don’t want to risk skin rashes and other issues.

Hats are very hard to wash and completely disinfect

things you should never buy at a thrift store


Swimwear is also not a good idea for a second hand purchase, just like underwear. Swimwear pieces have direct contact with private parts and mucous membranes, which as you already know poses a great risk of bacteria and microorganisms accumulation. Better safe than sorry!

It is safer to purchase swimwear pieces brand new

things you should never buy second hand

In Conclusion

If you are a fashion enthusiast who loves a good deal, you probably go thrifting pretty often. Buying second hand items and fashion pieces is a great way to help the planet and limit your consumption. Not only that, but you can find some truly iconic clothing pieces at a fair price that you would never dream of purchasing brand new. Nevertheless, buying second hand fashion items pose some hidden risks that you want to consider. Items that can be easily contaminated like swimwear and underwear should be avoided in the thrift store. In addition, used shoes and active pieces are also not an option. Remember, to stay informed and do what works best for you, your health, and the planet!

Now you know which items you should never buy second hand

what should you never buy at thrift stores

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