Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Spring to Do Deep Cleaning

by John Griffith

Spring cleaning is something that many homeowners equally dread and look forward to. They know it needs to be done and love how the house looks afterwards, but they also worry about how much time it takes and how much it will drain their energy. In this article, we are making the case for doing your deep cleaning multiple times in a year rather than just waiting for spring. How often you should do a deep cleaning will depend on your house and how much activity there is in it and how quickly it becomes a mess. Let’s talk about why deep cleaning a few times a year is such a good idea, and then you can figure out how often you would like to do it.

person dusting mirror

Makes Spring Cleaning Easier

The reason you find spring cleaning such a chore could be simply because you don’t deep clean often enough. The oven will be very hard to clean if you only clean it once a year. Cleaning behind the appliances will be awful if you save that for spring cleaning alone. Instead of doing deep cleaning only once a year, try doing it three or four times. That way, all of your deep cleaning sessions will go easier. Jenny with Imagine Maids says “You will spend less time doing deep cleaning, and it won’t be as tough to get off grime and get rid of stains”. The work will be easier and will get done faster.

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Keeps Your Home Neater

Deep cleaning is often cleaning you do that is below the surface level, cleaning in those areas that you don’t see as often. Still, you will probably see those places from time to time, and it would be nice if they were looking clean more often.

By deep cleaning periodically, you also clean in areas that you do see frequently. For many people, deep cleaning involves cleaning the tub, oven, fridge, and the fans on the ceiling. Those are all things you will see every day in your house, so cleaning them thoroughly will make for a visibly cleaner and neater home.

By doing a deep cleaning several times a year, you will remove clutter and grime, which is good for your stress levels and anxiety. You will feel more at ease in your home by having a cleaner house.

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Makes the House Smell Nicer

When you spill something in the kitchen, do you bother to move appliances and clean under them if the spill makes its way there? Or do you just leave that until it starts to smell badly or until it is time to do your spring cleaning?

If you do frequent deep cleaning, you will get rid of messes sooner and take care of these problems before they cause unpleasant odors. Remember when you cleaned under the fridge and found moldy bread and fuzzy bits of crackers? Why wait until your food debris is growing fungus to clean it up? You can hire specialized cleaning services to do the deep cleaning sometimes or do deep cleaning on your own. Either way, regular deep cleanings will get rid of things that smell bad and will prevent bad odors from developing in your home.

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Reduces Pests

Deep cleaning is really good for removing pests in the home and minimizing their presence there. If you deep clean, you will be tidying up many of the favorite hiding places of mice, roaches, ants, and other pests. The more often you do a deep cleaning in your home, the less likely you are to encounter any of these and other pests. You will be eliminating their source of food and their homes, and you will make them uncomfortable with your constant cleaning in areas that they would normally have felt safe in.

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Improves Air Quality

Deep cleaning is great for keeping the air in your home clean and smelling nice. If you clean everywhere in the home, you will be cleaning up water, eliminating mold, and reducing mildew. This makes for a cleaner environment and fresher air for you and your family. You won’t always smell mold, fungus, and other air contamination, even if they are in the same room as you. However, you will eliminate so many airborne pathogens and irritants by cleaning deeply and thoroughly in your home.

The benefits of improving air quality are numerous, and it is worth mentioning a few of them here. You will sleep better, as your air passages will be clearer and less likely to be obstructed. You will experience fewer cold and flu-like symptoms. You will be able to focus better, and you will feel better. You should be less tired and lethargic as well.

Part of your deep cleaning process should be to clean and possibly change out the air filters in your home as well, since this task will contribute to better air flow and cleaner air.

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Boosts the Home Value

Did you know that regular deep cleanings are actually beneficial to the value of your home? If you clean your home well on a regular basis, your home will last longer. The wood, concrete, stone, and other materials will look more vibrant and will last longer. They will be stronger and more beautiful, which makes your property values stay high. You may not be able to control some of the factors that affect property values for you, but you can control this one.

Whether you plan to sell the home or not in the future, a high property value is beneficial to you. It can mean you get some money back from your insurance company if there are damages to your home as a result of fire, flood, or another disaster.

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Of course, a clean home with materials that are well taken care of will be nicer to live in. The home will require fewer repairs and will cause you less frustration. Why not deep clean more often? You can enjoy all of these benefits for yourself if you do.

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