Designing Your New Country Home

Von John Griffith / August 30 2021

More and more people are heading to the country, or at the very least what they think is the country. Anything outside of a major Metropolis is now the perfect place to design a new country home. When designing a new country home there are many things you have to consider.

Country homes that are off the beaten path are very alluring and yet you have to be aware of basic necessities that you might take for granted in a city.  This can include things like water. Make sure you know where the water sources are. Many properties off the beaten path in States like California, for example, run on wells which means all the water for the entire property whether it is the kitchen sink, the toilet, or the washing machine is derived from a well. And yet, some properties may not have sustainable well systems or the wells regularly dry up in that area during the summer months leaving people without a water source. There are certain situations where people can utilize a nearby river which belongs to the county or the city but this will vary by property. 

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Other considerations include septic systems. People need to know how to flush away their problems and if the area doesn’t have regular plumbing, a septic system might need to be installed. Things like heating, using the kitchen, these activities might run entirely on propane which means considerations have to be made for a large propane tank to potentially be installed on the property.  The Internet, the thing we believe is literally everywhere, might not be available at your property. You might have to bring out a satellite dish to get any semblance of internet, and the speed might be similar to what you had in 1999, so prepare yourself. 

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In House Technologies

Moreover, we think of the country as a perfectly safe place but it is still susceptible to crime, damage from wild animals, and of course natural disasters. For that reason you have to be aware of what technologies you might need to keep your property safe. Our homes are changing, and the future indicates this change is here to stay. That said, you can stay current with these changes by considering new in-house technology to keep your home safe, especially with more time spent at home whether working from home or going to school from home. A home security system installed by a professional locksmith service are one of the many ways that you can integrate high-end technologies in your home to keep yourself and your family safe. 

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  1. One of the many in-house technologies you might consider are lights. We all have lights in our home, but when you leave whether it is on vacation or to run errands, you leave your home susceptible to things like burglary. The majority of burglaries happen in the middle of the day when people are traditionally at work, so even if you are no longer at work in the middle of the day, burglars may not know this. Automatic lights that you can turn on and off from your smartphone are just one of many exciting technologies that allow you to give the impression you are home, perhaps wandering through your house or watching TV in the evening.
  2. Similarly, smartphone technology can link your security cameras from a home security system to your phone so that you have 24-hour access to what is happening on your property, who is visiting, and when. With this access you can set the program to send you alerts whenever someone shows up or crosses a motion-sensing boundary. You can also install more comprehensive systems that allow you to do things like remotely trigger an alarm sound, or remotely lock or unlock your doors. This can be particularly useful for families whose children might visit unannounced when the family member is not home.
  3. You can have alarm systems that link to different levels of water in the air or smoke in the air. These types of systems are there to alert you when there is a problem. People who have a country home that they do not currently live in may be hours away in their current house and be completely unaware when a pipe bursts flooding the bathroom. Systems like these can send alerts and notify local personnel to respond accordingly so that things like floods don’t get worse than they need to be with limited damage to the home.

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