50 Coastal Decor Ideas For Your Beach House Remodeling

by John Griffith

Let’s be honest, this past year has been absolutely insane. We have had to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. Staying at home and social distancing have become the new norm. What’s more, we have had to cut down on traveling. For every adventurer out there and for people who love to indulge themselves with a nice vacation, the past year has been a nightmare. On the other hand, there are the lucky ones, of course, who live close to a beach and own beach houses. So whether you are one of those people or you just want to bring a nautical theme into your home, this article is for you. In it we are going to share 50 coastal decor ideas with you, which you can try and recreate yourself.

Go coastal to bring the summer vibes into your home

framed art above the fireplace nautical decor two white sofas red armchair exposed wood beams on the ceiling

What is coastal decor?

When people hear coastal decor they immediately think that this style is reserved only for beach houses. That, however is not the case. You can easily recreate this look in your home, even if it is away from the beach. In general, the coastal style uses natural materials, light tones and nautical themes. You might think that you need to use blue to evoke that beachy feeling, but you will have the same success with other colors. Coastal is not just about the colors of the sea, there are actually certain elements, which will scream coastal even if you don’t use any blue decor. So, keep reading to find out what these elements are.

Coastal evokes that beachy feeling

beach bathroom decor light green walls living room with orange sofa yellow armchairs vintage suitcase for coffee table

How do you get a coastal look?

As we have already stated there are certain elements, which you need to add to your interior in order to turn it into a coastal one. If you follow our tips you house will definitely get that beachy feeling. So, if you are looking to bring in the summer vibes into your home or you are a new beach house owner, keep reading.

Light tones are a must have for a coastal style

beach decor king size bed with beige bed frame throw pillows in blue and white glass chandelier above it

Light hues

In general, lighter hues are synonymous with a boho feeling. Boho, in turn, is synonymous with summer, beach and waves. That is why the coastal decor uses lots of light hues. White and beige are the most common. Gray and light blue are also quite popular. In general, white is used for the walls and sofas, beige for carpets and upholstery and blue for the small accents and details around a room. Using light colors is always a plus, because they make the room feel more spacious and airy.

Open plan rooms and tall ceilings are another signature thing of the coastal style

beach house decor open plan living room with cathedral ceiling blue sofa gram armchairs lots of blue throw pillows tiled floor

Open plan spaces with tall ceilings

Cathedral ceilings are very common in the coastal interior. Open plan spaces are also a must. Large room, which is used for living room, dinig room and kitchen with tall ceilings and windows screams beach house. So, if you already have that in your house, you can just add a few more elements and you will easily get that nautical look. The upside to that is that your space will always feel airy and open. Of course, if your house is overlooking the beach, tall windows with a view of the ocean are definitely going to be the absolute best part of your house.

Bring in the beach vibes with nautical stripes

beach themed decor bed with gray bed frame throw pillows in gray and blue placed on white carpet white walls

Go nautical

This is probably the easiest element you can try at home. What do you think of when you see blue and white stripes? Sea, ocean, water, right? Well, all you have to do is incorporate them into your home’s decor and you will be one step closer to getting the coastal style. Whether you choose to commit to a whole striped sofa, or just a few throw pillows, the choice is yours. What’s more, you can always use other nautical themed decorations. Sea glass vases, sailor ropes, or even vintage anchors and lifebuoys make for amazing decorations around your beach house.

Shiplap is another major part of the coastal decor

bedroom with wooden floor and white shiplap black and white carpet in front of bed with white bed frame coastal living room

Use shiplap

Shiplap is a major component of the coastal style. Whether you decide to fully commit to it and cover all of your walls with shiplap is up to you. If you are not ready for that, you can always use shilap as an accent. Just add a few nautical decorations to it, like the ones we already talked about, and you will have the most beautiful accent wall.

Embrace the natural light

coastal decorating ideas tall cathedral ceiling large windows open plan living room and dining room with long wooden table white chairs

Coastal decor with natural light

In general it is good to have as much natural light as you possibly can for any style of interior design. For coastal, however, it is extremely important. We have already concluded that tall ceilings and windows are very popular among the design. We have also concluded that a tall window providing an ocean view is priceless. So, with all of that being said, natural light also brings lots of coziness and a homey feeling to any room. And that is especially important if we are talking about a beach house in which you are meant to be relaxing and forgetting all of your problems.

Rattan, wood and everything natural is a must have in any coastal styled home

black exposed wood beams over long wooden dining table with black wooden chairs small beach house with cathedral ceiling

Coastal decor with natural elements

Everything natural is welcomed in a coastal home. In this interior design style you can see a lot of wood – wood floors, furniture, walls, ceiling. Exposed wood beams are a big fad of the trend. Another fad is rattan furniture. Usually, rattan furniture are used in the garden, not in a coastal home, however. Rattan is wildly popular and not just for chairs or tables. As you can see in the photo above, the lampshade above the dining room is made from rattan. That is a very clever way to infuse this material in your interior in a subtle way. But, in general, all types of natural elements are absolutely welcome.

Here are other ways in which you can use rattan

blue armchair and carpet in front of fireplace covered with blue and white tiles coastal living room with white shiplap walls

Ocean art

Last, but not least, art is an often overlooked element of the coastal interior. Any type of art, which showcases or represents the ocean, the sea, or the beach is welcome in a coastal home. In the photo below you can see different examples. Firstly, you have a beautiful painting hanging above the fireplace. And secondly a beautiful rendition of the American flag made from shiplap and starfish. What’s more, you can see the gorgeous decorations on the two side tables. One is a frame made with sea shells and rocks and the other is a piece of coral reef. To sum up, any type of art, which is going to invoke those beach vibes is a must-have.

Spread the art across all of the rooms

fireplace with two vintage cabinets on both sides beach bathroom decor white sofas with orange throw pillows orange side tables

Now keep scrolling through our photo gallery to find even more ideas for your coastal home

black wooden sofas and armchairs with white cushions green and white throw pillows beach themed decor stone fireplace blue leather armchair vintage bed with lots of throw pillows coastal decor orange walls and ceiling blue walls with cathedral ceiling beach house decor large white sofa with lots of colorful throw pillows on it colorful carpet blue wooden ceiling wooden walls coastal living room bed with colorful bed frame and throw pillows cathedral ceiling with exposed wood beams coastal decor white sofas gray armchairs with blue throw pillows in front of fireplace

Adding blue to your white interior will definitely give it that beach feeling

coastal decor blue armchairs beige sofa rattan table placed in front of fireplace white bookshelf on the side coastal home decor white walls and fireplace filled with wooden logs ocean themed decor on top white armchair in front coastal living room bedroom with black accent wall bed with wooden bed frame framed painting of boat on the wall dining room with long wooden table white chairs around it small beach house framed art on white wall

Be creative about where you use those blue and white stripes

fireplace decorated with stones two paddles on top coastal decor white armchairs and sofa in front of it with wooden coffee table fireplace on white brick wall beach decor ceiling with exposed wod beams white sofa and armchairs wooden coffee table framed art on white shiplap wall above wooden table with decorations made from rope nautical decor hallway design front porch decor with blue wooden swing with white cushions blue patterned throw pillows beach themed decor white carpet front porch with white sofa with blue throw pillows white wooden coffee table black shiplap walls beach decor

Don’t be afraid to use all of the ocean decorations you can find

gray accent wall gray sofa with blue and white throw pillows coastal decorating ideas white bookshelf gray bar stools next to large white kitchen island coastal decor dinner table with white chairs lots of blue flower bouquets hallway decor with wooden table small ottoman framed art on white shiplap wall nautical decor wooden floor large dining room with white chairs around it beach bathroom decor fireplace with bookshelves on the side with black shiplap leather bed frame in brown on bed with blue and white throw pillows coastal decorating ideas white walls

Rattan furniture, wood chandelier and blue accessories – this living room screams coastal

living room with rattan armchairs gray and white sofas with blue throw pillows beach house decor wooden chandelier living room with white sofa blue armchairs blue side table beach decor placed in front of fireplace metal white bed frame gray and orange throw pillows on bed coastal home decor wooden bench in front of it nautical decor gray chairs surrounding wooden dining table with large blue flower bouquet in the middle painting of boats in the sea on white wall nook in the hallway with white bench with blue cushions throw pillows beach bathroom decor white shiplap walls

This living room gives open plan a whole new meaning

open living room with curtains coastal home decor white sofa wooden coffee tables blue vintage bookshelf open plan living room and kitchen beach house decor white sofas and armchairs with blue and gray throw pillows rattan chairs around wooden dining table next to bench with lots of throw pillows beach decor white walls two blue paddles hanging on the wall small beach house large round glass table with light gray chairs around it large abstract painting on the wall in shades of blue sofa covered with colorful blanket lots of throw pillows small beach house colorful armchairs and ottomans in living room sofa in white with blue and beige throw pillows nautical decor wooden coffee table framed art and mirror above sofa twin bed with beige bed frame beach house decor room covered with white shilap wooden floor with gray carpet

Don’t be afraid to add bursts of color

white and blue sofa with white and blue throw pillows small beach house colorful wallpaper in black with white tulips on it white bed frame on bed with lots of throw pillows coastal home decor beige accent wall white corner sofa wooden coffee table placed on blue and white carpet on wooden floor beach themed decor white sofas with gray white throw pillows gray armchair large wooden coffee table coastal home decor

Just look at this ceiling, vintage table and gorgeous decorations

white walls and cathedral ceiling beach themed decor white sofa in front of fireplace vintage wooden table and bookshelf white walls ocean painting above blue velvet sofa beach bathroom decor wooden coffee table white armchair white wooden table with blue vases books and corals on it coastal living room framed ocean painting above it wooden coffee table blue velvet sofa white armchairs in front of fireplace coastal decorating ideas black and white carpet wooden dining table blue and white chairs around it on gray carpet on wooden floor coastal decorating ideas white shiplap walls

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