How to Let Someone Know That You Care for Them, This Holiday Season

by Maria Konou

Some people dislike the holidays, because it is a commercial celebration. However, it doesn’t have to be only about gifts and lots of food. It can also be a moment when we slow down and give up some of our time to others, instead of working and focusing on our own projects. Here are a few ideas that will help you make people smile and feel good, this Holiday Season.

make people smile and feel good this holiday seaso

Take the time to Write to Them

This is not about writing “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” on someone’s Facebook page. That is something we can do all year long. When is it that you have shared what you felt towards your parents with them, ultimately? When did you reach out for the last time to your uncles, ants and cousins? That is why, this year, you should take the time to send out personalised Christmas cards with photos, so that they can actually know you are still alive, and/or that you still think of them. Sit down and write each card, one by one, for everyone on the list of the people that you enjoy, in this life. Not only will it make them feel special to receive such a card, as fewer people take the time to mail anything these days, but it will also make you feel good, as it will bring back lots of memories that you cherish inside you.

how to let someone know that you care for them

make someone's desire come true

Make Time to be with Your Family and Friends (physically)

There is one thing that we lack of: Time. That is what makes it so precious. We can’t be everywhere all at once (which is definitely a small blessing), and so, we have to make choices. This Holiday Season, select a few persons that you haven’t seen in a while and go visit them. If it can be a surprise, it is even better. If not, send them a message and ask when they can make themselves available. When you finally meet, try to be a listener. Show that you care by wanting to learn about what is going on in their lives and their state of mind. As for the family, try to give the kids the kind of moments that they want to spend with you, instead of you choosing what to do in those precious minutes that you will share this Christmas time.

how to let someone know you care for them

Make Someone’s Desire come True

In this life, we all dream. Sometimes, we share those with people that matter to us. And as simple to realize as they may be, those dreams often don’t come true, because no one takes the time to arrange for them to happen. Be that person that will change the course of history, by finalizing the story. What, you may ask, can these dreams be? Someone who has always wanted to go fishing and never did. Another who dreamed of attending the opera and never got a chance. Or maybe, just to spend a day off riding out in the sunset on a motorcycle. As you can tell, there are many small desires that are never fulfilled. Make one come true, this year.

make time to be with your family and friends

personalised christmas cards with photos

Maria Konou

Maria Konou is a specialist in the field of digital marketing and fashion. However, she has always had a way with words. That’s what led her to her dream job here at Archzine. She has worked in many different fields over the years, but according to her, being an author has been the most rewarding. Maria is a huge plant enthusiast, loves everything fashion-related, is very sustainably aware, and is always open to learning about new things.