Christmas mantel ideas for a beautiful and festive home

by John Griffith

It’s no secret that a fireplace can create a feeling of comfort and coziness in any space. This is especially true during the winter months, when most of us want nothing more than to bundle up with a good book and warm drink near a burning fire, while the snow softly falls outside. If you are among the lucky ones who own a fireplace, today’s article is for you! We have selected 75 gorgeous Christmas mantel ideas that will transform your home into a small festive paradise! In addition, we have compiled a short list featuring some of the most chic and stylish holiday decoration trends of 2021. And for those of you who don’t own a fireplace – why not opt for an electric alternative? It’s safe, cheap (some models are available for less than $150), and just as cozy as the real thing!

One of the most stylish Christmas decors you will see this year:

christmas mantel ideas, white lit fireplace, decorated with green pine garlands, a classic pine wreath, pheasant feathers and glowing string lights

More Christmas mantel ideas: pine wreaths and candles are timeless holiday classics

wooden candlesticks holding three lit candles, near a christmas wreath, decorated with small glowing fairy lights, and white faux berries, christmas mantel ideas

And now let’s look at the top 5 hottest (or should we say coolest?) mantel decor trends for 2018!

#5: Traditional Red and Green

burgundy velvet stockings, each inscribed with a name, hanging on a white mantelpiece, near a green wreath with faux red flowers, christmas mantel ideas, similar red and green garland in the background

Red and green Christmas mantel ideas

No one can deny that the red and green color scheme is an absolute Christmas classic. Sure, it may not be the most original option out there, but this beautiful combination has stood the test of time, and for a good reason – it simply works! There is something about these festive hues that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, if you’ve grown tired of the overused poinsettia wreaths and garlands, you can choose something a tad more creative, like this gorgeous cocktail glass ensemble:

A red and green Christmas mantle decor with a creative twist

cocktail glasses with different designs, placed on a white mantel, near burning tea lights, christmas mantel ideas, each glass contains a red rose, attached to a red christmas bauble

#4: Snow White

white and silver christmas decorations, draped over a black and white fireplace, christmas mantel ideas, a tall faux christmas tree in white standing nearby

Snow white decor

You can’t go wrong with this simple but incredibly chic option! It looks amazing in any setting, and is guaranteed to complement your home, regardless of its color palette. If you are worried that the white and silver hues will make your living room seem a bit cold, opt for a few strings of small fairy lights, or add a handful of contrasting red ornaments here and there.

A fun how-to video for fans of the Snow White style:

#3: Green & Gold

gold leaves decorating a green wreath, made from faux pine leaves, and a similar green garland, draped over the mantelpiece of a burning fireplace, christmas mantel ideas, in green and gold

Green and gold Christmas mantel ideas

This lush decor combines classic green tones with stylish and refined golden hues. With its perfectly balanced mix of tradition and sophistication, it has become one of the most popular festive trends out there. Plus, it’s also super easy to achieve – both pine garlands and gold ornaments are very affordable, and can be bought pretty much everywhere.

#2: Frosted Peach

peach pink roses and baubles, decorating a white mantelpiece, and a christmas tree, inside a bright living room, christmas mantel ideas, presents and candles nearby

Frosted peach

Peach is a very popular hue at the moment – you can spot it on walls, furniture, accessories… and even Christmas decorations! And is it any wonder? Just look at this stunning combination of peach, rose gold and white! If you want your home to be 100% unique this holiday season, there is hardly a better option than the Frosted Peach palette!

# 1: Nordic Minimalism

thin christmas tree, with very simple decorations, inside a nordic style room, with a white and black fireplace, christmas mantel ideas, beige stockings and festive decorations

Minimalist Christmas mantel ideas

And the winner is… Nordic Minimalism! There is just so much to love about this style – its understated and sophisticated look, the beautiful earthy palette combined with neutral colors, the tastefully selected designer decorations… we could go on and on! If clutter is not your thing and you would rather choose a simpler look which nevertheless retains the coziness associated with traditional Christmas decor – go Nordic!

This lovely red and grey color scheme didn’t make our top 5, but we still believe it deserves an honorable mention:

christmas fireplace, decorated with white and red, stuffed heart ornaments, hanging from a red and white rope, small candles and red christmas tree figurines

And now we invite you to take a look at our gallery of Christmas mantel ideas! Enjoy, and don’t forget to check our website for more awesome festive articles!

You can never have too many candles!

lots of burning white candles, in different shapes and sizes, near a vintage-style fireplace, in white and silver, decorated with multiple white, illuminated christmas tree figurines, christmas fireplace

How to create a spectacular Christmas mantel decor, the easy way:

what to put on your christmas fireplace, two cream christmas tree figurines, adorned with white faux pearls, near a small church decoration, under a glass dome

garland made from green, faux pine branches, decorating a christmas fireplace, with five and red stockings

This simple and beautiful decoration is super easy to make:

minimalistic christmas fireplace decoration, fir branches and pine cones, small garland with gold ornaments

well lit rooom, with orange curtains, and a classic fireplace, decorated with a large garland, in green and gold, with baubles and pine cones, christmas fireplace ideas

white antlers and five stockings, in red and white and grey, decorated with red and white polka dots, and white and grey stripes, on a christmas fireplace, four framed artworks and a round mirror

Remember: even the smallest details can add a lot of festive atmosphere

artwork of a running deer, with a red plaid pattern, on a white canvas, decorating a christmas fireplace, pine cones and red baubles, a banner and two stockings

holiday images, bright room with large windows, white walls and a pale floor, containing a white fireplace, and a christmas tree, both decorated in gentle pink tones

geometric print in red, framed above a fireplace, decorated with a garland, made from pine leaves, and adorned with nine glowing lights, holiday images

Ready for Christmas dinner!

table set for a festive dinner, in a dining area, overlooking a living room, decorated with a christmas tree, covered in white ornaments, and glowing string lights, holiday images, presents and a festive garland

two holiday images, showing different ideas, for decorating your mantelpiece, candlesticks and angel figurines in gold, near a pine wreath, decorated with glowing fairy lights, stockings in red and white, and a small pine wreath

moose's head stuffed, and decorated with a winter scarf, mounted on a grey and white wall, above a fireplace, decorated with multiple jars, containing pine branches, holiday images, burning fire and festive ornaments

Silver with a touch of gold

decorations in silver and white, and string lights with a yellow glow, on a mantelpiece, holiday images, inside a room with beige walls

several glowing candles, placed inside a fireplace, decorated with a green garland, and fairy lights, holiday images, lavish christmas tree and presents nearby

wish written in silver, on an ornament, decorating a simple green wreath, hung over a mirror, above a white mantelpiece, holiday images, pine sprigs and a decorative branch with silver leaves

We can’t decide what’s cuter – the adorable Frenchie pup, or the sweet romper-shaped mantel decorations!

five red and white rompers, hanging on a white mantelpiece, decorated with several small christmas tree ornaments, and a small red car, fireplace decor

fireplace decor, with five white stockings, and a silver garland, featuring green baubles, christmas tree with similar ornaments, standing nearby

nutcracker ornament and several candles, shaped like christmas trees, on and near, a vintage style stone fireplace, in light cream, fireplace decor, green wreath with glowing fairy lights

Pure orange bliss

lemons and oranges, decorating a green garland, made from assorted leaves and branches, draped over a white fireplace, fireplace decor, in a clasically furnished room

nine multicolored stockings, hanging on a white mantelpiece, decorated with a green garland, featuring gold and red ornaments, fireplace decor, a tall christmas tree, lavishly adorned standing nearby

painting or photo of a snow covered lodge, framed above a fireplace, decorated with a green pine garland, featuring a red and white plaid ribbon, and four beige stockings

So many gorgeous ideas to choose from!

three fireplace decor ideas, five stockings made of fabric, or faux fur, stuffed with small toys, a vintage style white fireplace, featuring star-shaped decorations and greenery, presents placed near an ornate fireplace grate

snowflake ornaments covered in silver glitter, and tiny glowing string lights, on a green garland, made from faux pine branches, decorating a grey and black fireplace, in a cozy living room, fireplace decor ideas

embroidered white stockings, with silver snowflakes, hanging from a mantel, decorated with a garland, made from branches with large green leaves, and lit string lights, mantel decor for your home

A classic interior with floral mantel decorations and a traditional Christmas tree

mantel decor with green leaves, and white flowers, in an antique style room, with brown wood paneling, and a classic christmas tree

pair of striped stockings in white, red and green, hanging from a white mantelpiece, near a blackboard with the message, have yourself a merry little christmas, written in white chalk, mantel decor

delicate ornaments shaped like thin, white christmas trees, burning candles and a leafy green garland, on a rustic wooden fireplace, mantel decor, six white and beige stockings

A lovely beige and green color scheme

light beige and silver garlands, on a christmas tree, surrounded by presents, in similar colors, mantel decor featuring a beige stocking, and various flowers

tartan stockings in red and white, hanging on a small, wooden mantel in white, suspended above a black fireplace, mantel decor, inside a bright room

poinsettia flowers and a red ornament, on a pine garland, decorated with glowing fairy lights, and three stockings, mantel decor, with a nativity scene

Its hard not to love this gorgeous living room, furnished in 19th century style

19th century style room, with a fireplace, displaying a lavish mantel decor, featuring a voluminous green garland, made of various branches and leaves

images of christmas, three stockings stuffed with toys, hanging on a lavishly decorated mantel, with garlands and a wreath, small house figurines and more

plaster ornaments on a white mantelpiece, without a fireplace, decorated with christmas garlands, presents and small xmas tree figurines, snowmen and others, images of christmas

Peace, joy and love for all!

wishing you peace, joy and love, written in white, on a wooden board, placed above a fireplace, images of christmas, four beige stockings and lit candles

banners with the words, merry christmas written in red, hanging from a white mantelpiece, images of christmas, pine garland and glowing fairy lights

goat figurine near a fireplace, decorated with three stockings, and a garland, dusted with faux snow, images of christmas, xmas tree in the corner

Another version of the classic green and red combination

round old-looking clock, surrounded by a green pine garland, and red candles, images of christmas, above a fireplace, with three red, white and lime green stockings

couple of deer statuettes, and a miniature christmas tree, decorated with glowing string lights, near a white and pale cream fireplace, images of christmas, green wreath with a red bow, and burning candles

black banner with the words, joy to the world, written in white, hanging on a white mantelpiece, images of christmas, garland made from favrious green leaves

This spacious living room has plenty of festive light sources

spacious living room, with fireplace mantel decor, featuring a garland, covered in glowing fairy lights

easel supporting a framed blackboard, with the inscription, season's greetings, written in white chalk, next to a fireplace, adorned with gold and silver baubles, and burning candles, fireplace mantel decor

fireplace mantel decor, featuring three white canvases, with the words, let it snow, written in black cursive, a green garland, and three red and white stockings

Christmas mantel ideas for traditionalists:

traditional living room, with a wooden mantelpiece, decorated with stockings, and a fir garland, covered in white and blue ornaments, fireplace mantel decor, christmas tree and a wreath

different kinds of faux leaves, in various shades of green, and in dark red, on a christmas garland, draped over a vintage style hearth, fireplace mantel decor, black metal grate

close up to a white mantelpiece, decorated with wooden ornaments, and a garland with small red pompoms, fireplace mantel decor, grey stockings and small fairy lights

How gorgeous is this star-themed green and silver decor?

star-shaped ornaments in silver, suspended from the mantelpiece, of a classic fireplace, covered in green garlands, made of leaves, fireplace mantel decor, burning candles and two small christmas trees

six white stockings, hanging from a mantel, with a garland, featuring lit string lights, and silver snowflake ornaments, fireplace mantel decor, small wreath made from silver baubles

diy fireplace mantel decor, featuring a faux window, with wooden blinds, a white wreath, and a garland with fairy lights

Orange, white and silver – an unusual but very cool option

orange and grey walls, in a room with white, and silver chirstmas decor, featuring small house and xmas tree figurines, and four stockings, on a diy fireplace mantel

brown wall near a white mantel, decorated with a silver and red wreath, a frame with santa's sleigh and two reindeer, candles and more, diy fireplace mantel ideas

tall christmas tree, covered in red ornaments, gold garlands and glowing dairy lights, in a living room, with a white marble-effect fireplace, containing lit candles, diy fireplace mantel, with a pine garland

What do you think of this lush and voluminous garland?

yellow flowers and red pomegranates, green apples and various leaves, on a lush green garland, decorating a diy fireplace mantel, in a room with beige walls

xmas tree made from wire, twisted into an upward spiral, and decorated with white, silver and gold baubles, small wreath and several candles, on a diy fireplace mantel nearby

making your own, diy fireplace mantel decoration, with faux fir garlands, candles and christmas baubles, in violet and white

Don’t you just love this combination of white, earthy browns and greens?

minimalistic diy fireplace mantel decoration, featuring a handmade, wooden christmas tree figurine, a vase with dried branches, four silver reindeer statuettes, pine leaves and pine cones

ten faux glowing candles, on a white mantelpiece, next to four christmas tree statuettes, a large antique clock, and a silver garland, reindeer statuette in gold

framed blackboard with an image of santa, and a festive message, done in white chalk, on a white mantelpiece, near two cone shaped, christmas tree ornaments, covered in red glitter

Modern setup with a rustic twist, in silver, beige and red

rustic antique looking beige stockings, hanging on a white mantelpiece, decorated with silver ornaments, and lit candles,

kilim rug in red, green and white, near a brick fireplace, decorated with a gold and silver garland, two gigantic pinecones, two small framed wreaths, white baubles and others

laminate flooring near a fireplace, decorated with pine garlands, silver star-shaped ornaments, and burning candles

Another gorgeous classic option

classic christmas decorations, a pine garland, covered in small, glowing fairy lights, and a wreath with pine cones, red baubles and fairy lights, near a fireplace, with a beautiful wrought iron grate

baubles in silver and red, hanging from a garland, made from brown, and green artificial branches, draped over a white fireplace mantel, green pine wreath, with red details, hanging on the large mirror overhead

Pretty, vibrant, and unique holiday setup

set of two beige star ornaments, one large and the other smaller, placed on a white mantel, decorated with a lush garland, made from pine branches, and other plants

reindeer head decoration in black, surrounded by a green wreath, and an advent calendar, made from brown paper bags, hanging above a white and black fireplace

ornate fireplace grate, with branches and birds motif, placed in front of a black and white fireplace, decorated with a garland, made from green leaves

We hope you enjoyed our selection, and wish you happy holidays!

tiny red faux berries, on thin white branches, decorating a garland, made from longleaf pine branches, placed on top of a white mantelpiece, with a single white stocking

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