90+ front porch ideas to get you ready for those cool summer evenings

Von John Griffith / August 06 2021

Nowadays, the word porch has gained varied interpretations. Some think of it as the place where you can sit in those quiet summer evenings, with a book in one hand and a wine glass in another. Others see it as the place where all of their friends gather over homemade lemonade or mojitos. Recently, however, porches have become a bit more interesting and creative. In most modern, contemporary houses, porches can even be found on the side and not necessarily right next to the entrance. Due to modern architecture’s different and creative buildings, porches can now be more varied and played around with. So, here are some awesome front porch ideas to help you decide what you want your porch to look like.

Front porch ideas to get you into the summer mood

large brick column, small porch, metal railing, front porch ideas, lots of greenery, tiled pathway

What types of porches are there?

  • Screened porch – probably the most popular one. Many people choose to have this type of porch if they live in a place with all four seasons. That way, even if it rains outside you can still enjoy the freshness in the comfort of your front porch. What’s more, screened in porches are a great way to keep bugs, such as mosquitos, out.
  • Covered porch – version of the screened porch. These types of porches usually consist mostly of windows, which can often slide or open to let the freshness in. Great option for people who can’t decide whether they want a screened or an open porch.
  • Open porch – pretty self-explanatory. They often have some sort of a railing and a staircase leading to the porch. Otherwise, are completely open.
  • Wrap around porch – a wide and spacious option. This type of porch is usually wrapped around the house. So, it doesn’t just cover the front, but often one, or even two sides of the whole house. This gives you a lot of opportunities for both a reading nook and a dinner table, for example.

One of the most common front porch furniture – the swing

wooden swing, held by metal chains, front porch ideas, tiled floor, beige pillows and blanket

What is the difference between porch, patio and deck?

  1. What is a porch? A porch is a place, situated at the entrance of a house, which serves as an extra living space. It usually contains garden furniture, such as swings, armchairs and small ottomans.
  2. What is a patio? A patio is usually a levelled cement covered area, which contains a dinner table and chairs. It usually serves as an extra dining space.
  3. What is a deck? A deck is an elevated, balcony-like space, which can contain both garden furniture, as well as dinner table and chairs, depending on the space.

Front porch ideas – creative way to place your front porch

wooden garden furniture, front porch ideas, tiled pathway, brick columns, white cushions

What is the best way to decorate your front porch?

  • Be aware of your space and get cool garden furniture based on that. If you have a small porch, maybe just get a few armchairs or ottomans, instead of a whole sofa. Swings are also a great option, as they create the optical illusion of more space.
  • Don’t forget about your plants. Decorating your porch with fresh flowers and plants is essential. Not only, do they look great, they also bring calmness and freshness to any space.
  • Throw pillows and blankets. Make sure your porch is as cozy as possible. Lots of throw pillows and a few blankets will definitely add a homey feeling and create a lot of comfort even for the colder summer evenings. What’s more, you can add a rug for an even cosier experience.

Large screened in porch, serving as a living room

front porch ideas, screened in porch, wooden garden furniture, white cushions, grey throw pillows

Great example of a wrap around porch

large windows, wooden porch, wooden garden furniture, front porch ideas

Lighting can make all the difference and create a super modern look to your front porch

screened in porch ideas, standing lights, metal round tables, grey ottomans, palm trees

Strings of lights create a cozy, homey feeling

strings of lights, grey sofa, black wooden floor, wooden chairs, potted plants, screened in porch ideas

Even the simplest chairs can look great when we add cool and colourful throw pillows to them

blue rocking chairs, pink and blue throw pillows, blue and white rug, screened in porch ideas, flower bouquets

Super interesting and modern idea for a levelled porch

intricate staircase, dark marble flower beds, screened in porch ideas, wooden ceiling

Any beach house needs a front porch overlooking the sea

wooden chairs, grey and blue throw pillows, grey rug, screened in porch ideas, ocean view

Perfect example for covered porch ideas

a shaped ceiling, blue and beige rug, wooden sofa and armchairs, blue and grey cushions, front porch decor

Simple furniture and lots of greenery – what more could you want out of a porch

green wall of trees and bushes, wooden furniture, white cushions, front porch decor, dark wooden floor

Colourful and cozy

wooden garden furniture, blue cushions, front porch decor, colourful throw pillows, blue and white rug, vintage table

Cool video tutorial on DIY house number sign

front porch decor, hanging plants, white curtains, blue and grey throw pillows, vintage wooden table

wooden staircase, large windows, front porch decor, large wooden armchair, gravel and bushes

wooden swing, black and grey wooden chair, front porch decor, wooden staircase, child and a woman

A few more DIY ideas for your front porch

front porch furniture, wooden swing, white cushion, armchairs with blue cushion, wooden porch

yellow armchairs, wooden blinds, black and white rugs, large windows, front porch furniture

black armchairs, red and grey cushions, front porch furniture, flower bouquets, screened in porch

large porch, wooden furniture, white and yellow cushions, small fireplace, front porch furniture

Front porch decor

sliding doors, small black armchair, white cushions, front porch furniture, wooden staircase

wooden swing, front porch decorating ideas, white cushions, black and white rug, wooden ceiling and floor

dark wooden house, large door, metal columns, potted plants, front porch decorating ideas

front porch decorating ideas, large blue pots, trees and bushes, brick tiled floor, wooden armchairs

wooden bench and table, white cushions, blue and white throw pillows, brick wall, front porch decorating ideas

brick and wood columns, wooden railing, front porch decorating ideas, garden furniture, grey cushions

Screened in porch ideas

ceiling fan, front porch designs, wooden swing, held by metal chains, small table, screened in

stone tiled floor and pathway, stone fireplace, wooden bench, front porch designs

contemporary house, metal railing, front porch designs, tall windows, lights on the ceiling

wooden garden furniture, grey black and white throw pillows, front porch designs, ocean view

tall trees, wooden floor and furniture, white cushions, front porch designs, tall windows

porch decorating ideas, wooden chairs, round fire pit, stone tiles floor, tall trees, over a lake

red armchairs, black and white chairs, tall windows, porch decorating ideas, green grass, tall trees

Front porch furniture

wooden swing, held by ropes, porch decorating ideas, blue blanket, grey cushions, colourful throw pillows

dark wooden porch, garden furniture, porch decorating ideas, grey cushions, potted plants

porch decorating ideas, screened in porch, garden furniture, tall trees, green grass field

screened in porch designs, strings of lights, grey sofa, glass coffee table, flower bouquets

tiled pathway, screened in porch designs, brick columns, small green bushes, green grass

contemporary house, screened in porch designs, green grass field, tiled pathway, garden furniture

colourful rug, screened in porch designs, green metal sofa and chair, colourful throw pillows

wooden swing, white cushions and throw pillows, screened in porch designs, wooden floor

Front porch decorating ideas

house by the lake, small front porch ideas, wooden armchairs, white cushions

small front porch ideas, wooden table, metal chairs, screened in porch, tray with wine glasses

large umbrella, garden furniture, small fire pit, stone tiled floor, tall trees, small front porch ideas

wooden house, surrounded by tall trees, small front porch ideas, lights on the ceiling

tall windows, wooden armchairs, floral cushions, black metal chairs, glass table, small front porch ideas

large armchair, grey cushions, white throw pillows, front door decor ideas, wooden ottoman

tall palm trees, front door decor ideas, large house, wooden columns, lights on the ceiling

wooden staircase, wooden flower beds, front door decor ideas, metal garden furniture

white metal furniture, blue cushions, yellow throw pillows, front door decor ideas, potted flowers

black and white rug, front door decor ideas, wooden divider, wooden benches, potted plants

Modern front porch designs

black metal chairs and table, tiled floor, outdoor covered patio, tall trees, large wooden table and chairs

glass sinner table, metal chairs, garden furniture, stone fireplace, screened in, outdoor covered patio

palm trees, beach house, orange wooden swing, outdoor covered patio, garden furniture

wooden floor, outdoor covered patio, metal garden furniture, green grass field

tiled floor, wooden benches and table, gravel and green grass, tall trees, outdoor covered patio

screened in porch furniture, modular house, wooden house, white metal garden furniture, potted plants

tiled pathway, potted plants, climbing plants, lounge chairs, screened in porch furniture

wooden house, potted red flowers, tall windows, screened in porch furniture, stone pathway

Screened in porch designs

a shaped ceiling, garden furniture, white cushions, small electric fireplace, screened in porch furniture

large green grass field, potted plants, screened in porch furniture, metal garden furniture, tall trees

small porch ideas, hanging lanterns, wooden armchairs soda and table, white cushions, colourful throw pillows

small wooden house, wooden bench, small porch ideas, gravel and grass around it, tall windows

staircase and wooden railing, small porch ideas, white metal armchair, tall door and windows

Small front porch ideas

wooden armchairs, small round fire pit, small porch ideas, stone tiles floor, metal railing

stone tiles floor, brick wall, black metal columns, tall door, small porch ideas, potted plants

stone tiled floor and walls, covered porch ideas, small wooden armchair, potted plants, wooden columns

strings of lights, metal chairs, covered porch ideas, wooden table, metal railing, tall trees

Covered porch ideas

covered porch ideas, wooden swing, grey cushions, colourful throw pillows, wooden chair, blue rug

tiled pathway and floor, lounge chair, black metal chairs, covered porch ideas, tall trees, greenery and bushes

tiled pathway, green bushes, in the gravel, covered porch ideas, metal columns, tall windows

Stunning front porch furniture ideas

wooden furniture, white cushions, pink flamingo, throw pillow, front porch furniture ideas, this is the life board

front porch furniture ideas, wooden furniture, rocking chair, white and grey cushions, white rug

green bushes, in the gravel, brick columns, front porch furniture ideas, tiled pathway

tiled pathway, balcony, metal railing, planted cactuses, front porch furniture ideas, tall windows

white corner sofa, white ottomans, front porch furniture ideas, tiled floor, potted plant and tree

front porch pictures, levelled greenery, flower beds, white metal chairs, wooden table, tall trees

grey wooden chairs, small wooden table, screened in porch, front porch pictures, candles everywhere

Small front porch ideas

wooden divider, beige rug, small wooden bench, front porch pictures, small porch, potted plants

wooden swing, wooden chairs, white cushions, blue and orange throw pillows, front porch pictures

wooden floor, tiled pathway, front porch pictures, wooden furniture, white cushions, potted plants

cement column, wooden floor, front porch railing ideas, wooden garden furniture, lights on the ceiling

ceiling fan, black wooden furniture, blue cushions, yellow and pink, printed throw pillows, front porch railing ideas

wooden pathway, gravel around it, green bushes, tall trees, front porch railing ideas, garden furniture

wooden furniture, grey cushions, potted bushes and trees, front porch railing ideas, wooden floor

Lots of greenery and flowers

front porch railing ideas, wooden furniture, white cushions, blue rug, hanging potted plants

pictures of screened in porches, wooden swing, held by metal chains, yellow throw pillows, yellow rug

wooden bench and table, throw pillows, pictures of screened in porches, small trees, tiled floor

large wooden divider, wooden furniture, grey cushions, pictures of screened in porches, beige rug

hanging plants, wooden swing, wooden sofa, white cushions, colourful throw pillows, pictures of screened in porches

garden furniture, blue cushions, pictures of screened in porches, colourful throw pillows, hanging flowers

metal railing, garden furniture, wooden staircase, screened in patio ideas, potted plants

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