A Match Made In Heaven: 5 Best Hydrangea Companion Plants

by John Griffith

Hydrangeas are real beauties. They bring color, texture, and joy to any garden. This perennial produces large clusters of bright flowers in white, pink, blue, purple, and more. The colors of the flowers can be influenced by the soil’s pH levels. Hydrangeas broad, serrated leaves and the dense foliage they create make an attractive backdrop for the vibrant flowers to stand out. This wonderful shrub can grow well alongside a lot of other plants, but some make better neighbors for them than others. You can increase your hydrangeas appeal, as well as blooming period by selecting their neighbors carefully. Today we will share with you the best hydrangea companion plants you can add to your garden. They will complement your landscape design while making sure your hydrangeas thrive!

Hydrangeas are real beauties

big hydrangea bush

The Best Hydrangea Companion Plants

Companion planting has been around for centuries. It’s a great way to boost the health and beauty of your garden by simply combing plants with completing growth habits and requirements. These companion plants help each other out in different ways, much like good neighbors would, and create stunning landscape designs together. If you have hydrangeas and want to complement their beauty, then make sure to add these beautiful companion plants.

Companion planting has been around for centuries

hydrangeas in the garden

#Japanese Forest Grass

This graceful low-growing grass has stunning arching leaves. It comes in green and gold or white and keeps it color all season long for you to enjoy! Japanese forest grass tends to form dense clumps which helps add some contrast to the bright hydrangeas. Its delicate texture complements the showy flowers making quite the stunning combination. Plus, the Japanese forest grass gas similar growing requirement like many hydrangea varieties, so they can easily be planted together. Just make sure to water it plenty during dry periods. If you live in a colder climate it may die back in winter, but it does regrow in the spring.

This graceful low-growing grass has stunning arching leaves

hydrangea companion plants japanese forest grass


Hostas are a very popular perennial. They have big, broad leaves that come in a variety of shades of green and blue. Hosts also have a marvelous pattern on their leaves. While they tend to be low-growing plants depending on the variety you choose some may even produce tall spikes of bell-shaped flowers. This shade loving plant thrives in conditions similar to those of many hydrangeas making them great neighbors. The lush foliage of hosts helps to complement the blooms of the beautiful hydrangea while filling the empty landscape below.

Hostas are a very popular perennial

green hostas plant


Ah, the beautiful daylily. These hardy perennials have strappy, grass-like leaves and stunning, bright trumpet shaped flowers. Daylillies come in a variety of colors including orange, pink, red, and even some bi-color combination. A truly great addition to your garden. These flowers bloom at a similar time as hydrangeas making them an excellent companion plant as they provide a vibrant burst of color next to the lush hydrangea flowers. If you like a colorful garden you truly need both in your garden. Daylilies are easy to grow, just make sure you water them regularly and deadhead the spent flowers in order to encourage new blooms.

These hardy perennials have stunning, bright trumpet shaped flowers

hydrangea companion plants orange day lilies


Ferns are loved for the delicate, feathery fronds. These plants come in a ton of shapes, sizes, and textures which means there is a variety for everyone. Ferns are beautiful and lush. They add a woodland, fairytale feeling to your garden. Especially when put next to your blooming hydrangeas. Their fine foliage and soft texture creates a breathtaking contrast next to the hydrangeas bold leaves, colors, and flowers. Ferns may die back in winter but regrow the following spring, so don’t worry. Just keep them watered and mulched, and this plant will be happy.

Ferns are loved for the feathery fronds

green ferns growing


Want to add even more color and texture to your garden? Then look no further than the astilbe. This perennial has fern-like foliage and tall, feathery spikes of flowers. They come in a ton of colors including the classics like pink, red, purple, and white. Astilbe’s fluffy spikes of blooms make a great contrast to the large, rounded blooms of the hydrangea. Both plants have similar growing condition making them good companion plants. Put together they are an explosion of color and texture.

Want to add even more color and texture to your garden?

hydrangea companion plants lush pink astilbe

These are some of the best hydrangea companion plants you can add to your garden. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can plant these amazing companions and see how your hydrangeas thrive. They will also help spice up your garden landscape.

These are some of the best hydrangea companion plants you can add to your garden

hydrangea companion plants pink and blue flowers

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