Music Festival Outfits: How to stand out from the crowd

by Maria Konou

Summer is just around the corner and with it come all the music festivals and outdoor events. Everyone wants to come up with a unique and fun outfit that helps make the experience even more unforgettable. And while many may opt for cowboy hats, flower crowns, and denim shorts, some of you might want to take things next level. If you want to gather eyes and stand out even from the largest crowds, then this article is just for you. These music festival outfits are meant to make you the star of any music event with almost no effort involved! So, if you want to make this year’s music festivals even more memorable and fun, do not be afraid to experiment and come up with an out-of-the-box fashion look. Without further ado, these are our 5 tips for cool and unique music festival outfits this year!

Go for a complete matching set

What’s easier than doing a complete matching set? It is super easy to style and wear, while still making you pop out from the crowd. So, instead of opting for a one-piece, choose a matching set with short shorts, a top, arm warmers, and a neck gaiter. If your music festival outfit has a bold and cool pattern, then most of your job is already done! What’s left are some comfortable shoes for dancing, accessories, and a unique hairstyle to tie the look together! We suggest some braided space buns if you want to feel extra unique and comfortable during a festival. Do not forget your comfortable shoes. That’s non-negotiable when dancing all night long!

Go for some space buns, if you want an out of this world hair look

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Aim for a hypnotic effect

The easiest way to become a center of attention is to literally hypnotize everyone with a bold fashion statement. And, we mean literally hypnotize them. Go for a long bodysuit with a trippy and hypnotic design pattern that will turn heads. If you do not want to play with colors, you can select a black and white music festival piece, which will still cause people to do a double-take! And, that is exactly what you should be aiming for with music festival outfits!

The classic black and white combo can be elevated with a hypnotic pattern

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Play with cutout

Music festival outfits are the ones that allow you little to no control! So, be brave and experiment. Instead of going for a full-on bodysuit, go for some cutout! Cutout clothing pieces have recently been making a fashion comeback, so don’t be afraid to include them in your festival style! Go for a unique cutout bodysuit that will compliment your body and elevate your festival look. Our advice? Opt for a short bodysuit with a trippy pattern that has a cutout above your stomach. It is both unique and trendy! You can also add gloves with holes for your fingers for comfort and to finish off your cutout bodysuit look. Just remember to bring some warm clothes in case you get cold during the night.

Cutout bodysuits are all the rage in 2022, so make sure to hop on the festival trends

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Go futuristic

The future is never out of style! So, why not channel some dystopian vibes for your next festival look! Think about a bodysuit with a cool print that will help turn you turn into a creature from the future. Opt for neon, weird patterns, and colors like blue, gray, purple, and green. These colors will help you stand out even in the dark, and they look super cool under the festival lights! Add some chunky bots for comfort and height, experiment with cool makeup looks, and you are good to go!

There is nothing better than a crazy, futuristic look to help you stand out in the crowd

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Go short and bright

Some funky short shots and a sleeveless top are some of the most comfortable music festival clothing pieces. You can move around and dance with ease! And, after all, that is a pretty important thing for a festival. What’s more, you can elevate and spice up this look by opting for bright colors, patterns, and cool accessories and additions like a hood, and fishnet stockings. Finish it all off with some statement festival makeup like some rainstones on your eyeshadow and black lips. And, voilà! Your look is complete and the only thing left to do is to have fun and dance the night away!

This short outfit makes is extremely easy for you to move and dance around freely

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