The Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Men In 2024

by John Griffith

Men’s medium-length haircuts are all the rage this year among hairdressers worldwide. And in my opinion, this hair trend is one that you simply must try out. These cuts’ adaptable length allows for a wide range of styling possibilities, from polished pompadours to textured waves. This means that there is a style for every type of hair and personality. Woo-hoo! I’ve also been looking for a chance to shake up my usual style, and these medium cuts are at the top of my list. They not only achieve the ideal harmony between style, adaptability, and easy care, but they are also an easy confidence booster. So, come along with me as we explore some of this year’s most fashionable medium-length haircuts.

Dive into 2024’s hottest medium length hairstyles for men

The Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Men In 2024

According to GQ, medium-length hairstyles for men will be all the rage in 2024. And I can see why. They are not just fashionable, but also extremely versatile. But with so many different cuts available, making a choice might be difficult. That’s why I’ve searched for the hottest looks and found the best choices for medium-length hair this year. And the good news is that there is a style for everyone, no matter if you are looking for a dramatic new look or a more simple change. From textured quiffs to laid-back bro flows, these styles cater to every taste and texture. So if you’re like me, pondering over which trendy transformation to try next, this curated list will guide you to your perfect medium-length match.

Explore top medium-length styles that are making waves this year

The Textured Quiff

A modern twist on a classic style, the textured quiff injects an edge into traditional short back and sides. By adding choppy layers on top, this style achieves volume and movement that looks effortlessly cool. Ideal for those with straight to wavy hair, it offers a bold statement that pairs well with both casual and formal attire.

Boost your style quotient with a voluminous, textured quiff

The Shaggy Bob

The shaggy bob, which deviates from more structured looks, is all about embracing a natural, carefree appearance. This style, which is cut to one length and tousled to produce a laid-back feel that is both youthful and trendy, is ideal for men with somewhat curly or wavy hair.

Relax your vibe with the effortlessly cool shaggy bob

The Layered Waves

Men who have naturally curly hair look great with layered waves. This style creates a dynamic and voluminous look by highlighting the natural texture of the hair with varied lengths throughout. It’s a great way to give your hair structure and depth while maintaining an air of refinement and spontaneity.

Enhance your natural texture with stylish layered waves

The Classic Pompadour

With its recognizable, swept-back volume that emanates confidence and sophistication, the traditional pompadour continues to be a mainstay of men’s hairstyles. This look, which works well for any event, lengthens the face and adds a dash of vintage glitz, particularly when combined with a tidy side fade.

Rock a sleek, classic pompadour for timeless charm

The Casual Slickback

The casual slickback is a winner for individuals looking for flair and simplicity combined. The goal of this low-maintenance style is to appear clean and understated by gently sweeping the hair back. It gives a universally attractive form that is both functional and refined, making it ideal for medium-to-thick hair.

Opt for simplicity and sophistication with a casual sweep back

The Side Part with Volume

Elevating the classic side part, this version introduces more volume for a modern flare. By adding height at the roots and combining with a distinct part, it creates a powerful, professional look that’s versatile enough for the office or a night out.

Make a statement with a bold, voluminous side part

The Curly Taper

The curly taper is tailored for men with curly hair, focusing on enhancing the curls on top while keeping the sides neatly tapered. This style celebrates natural curl patterns, providing ease of maintenance while showcasing a unique texture that’s both striking and stylish.

Show off your curls with a neatly tapered style

The Modern Mullet

Revamping the retro mullet into a contemporary favorite, the modern mullet balances business in the front with party in the back. This style keeps things cleaner and more blended than its predecessors, making it suitable for adventurous individuals looking to stand out from the crowd.

Update your look with a trendy, modern mullet

The Bro Flow

Ideal for those who prefer a more natural look, the bro flow lets the hair fall naturally with minimal styling. It’s great for medium to long hair and works well for men with any hair type, emphasizing ease and natural movement.

Embrace natural ease with the laid-back bro flow

the bro flow haircut bradley cooper


The Structured Mess

The structured mess is designed to look intentionally disheveled. It uses strategic layering and texturizing to create a ‘just-out-of-bed’ look that’s full of personality. Perfect for creative individuals, this style is both edgy and easy to wear, making it a popular choice for younger men.

Go for a carefree, structured mess for edgy flair

How to Choose the Right Medium Length Hairstyle

Choosing the ideal medium-length hairstyle involves more thought than just looks. It must also go well with your hair texture, lifestyle, and facial shape. A force to be reckoned with according to Vogue, hairstylist and Cutler Salon owner, Rodney Cutler, stresses the significance of harmony between your daily regimen and haircut. When choosing your cut, consider your hair’s natural texture as this will guarantee that your haircut is simple to keep up every day. For example, layered hairstyles can enhance naturally wavy hair. Conversely, straight hair might benefit from the volume that textured cuts can add. Additionally, consider how your haircut will complement the form of your face. A high-volume style can elongate a round face, but a softer, rounder shape can soften angular features. Your hairstylist can provide recommendations depending on these aspects, so you can discuss it with them beforehand.

Match your cut to your lifestyle for a perfect hair day, every day

Styling Tips and Techniques

A chic medium-length haircut requires a delicate balancing act between the right products and proper hair care techniques. Celebrity hairdresser Mark Hampton agrees that the right product can easily elevate your hairstyle. Matte pastes and clays are perfect for creating a natural yet defined look for folks with textured hair, since they offer great control without adding extra shine. However, lightweight pomades or styling creams work well for sleeker looks since they provide manageability and gloss without making the hair appear greasy. In general, medium-length hair benefits greatly from routine hair care. This usually involves conditioning and washing it two to three times a week to avoid dryness and preserve general health. It’s also very important to regularly trim your hair. Do this every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain its look. With the proper grooming habits, your hairstyle will stay vibrant and fresh.

Learn key styling tips to elevate your medium-length hair

Medium Hairstyles for Different Hair Types

Understanding how different hair types benefit from medium-length styles is crucial.  Medium-length hairstyles can emphasize your natural texture and simplify grooming for straight, curly, wavy, or thick hair. To reduce styling time and enhance attractiveness, choose a style that looks attractive and works with your hair’s inherent features. The great thing is that medium-length cuts can easily be tailored to your hair type:

  • Straight Hair: Embrace layered cuts to add volume and body. Layers help prevent straight hair from looking flat and lifeless, giving it movement and a more dynamic appearance.
  • Curly Hair: Opt for styles that define your curls, like the Curly Taper. This style maintains length on top to showcase curls while keeping the sides shorter to reduce bulk and emphasize the hair’s natural texture.
  • Wavy Hair: Layered Waves or the Bro Flow are ideal for enhancing the natural wave. These styles allow the hair’s inherent waves to form naturally, providing a laid-back yet stylish look without much effort.
  • Thick Hair: Thinning out thick hair with textured layers can make it more manageable. Textured cuts remove excess bulk and control volume, making the hair easier to style daily while still maintaining its natural fullness.

Find the best medium cut for your hair type, tailored just for you

Medium-length hairstyles for men are more than a simple trend. They’re a versatile and flattering style for a wide range of hair types. You can easily find a medium-length styles that can suit you. Whether you like pompadours, bro flows, or trendy mullets, there is a style for you. All you need to do is find a style that complements your natural hair texture and face shape.  Just remember that the best hairdo you can get is one that boosts your confidence and fits your lifestyle. I hope you found this article useful. Now that you have plenty of inspo and know everything you need to know about medium hairstyles, you can confidently book your next salon appointment.

Rock your new medium-length style and enjoy turning heads


Is medium length hair good for men?

Medium length hair is excellent for men seeking versatility in styling. It offers enough length to experiment with different looks—from sleek and professional styles to more relaxed, tousled waves. This length works well for various face shapes and hair types, allowing men to enhance their features effectively or even disguise areas they might feel self-conscious about, like a high forehead or a rounder face.

How often should men cut medium length hair?

It’s best to go for a haircut every 6–8 weeks. Frequent haircuts keep the hair healthy and make styling easier by preventing split ends and preserving the contour of the hairstyle. Staying consistent with trims guarantees that the hair appears well-groomed, no matter what style is selected.

Is medium-length hair easy to maintain?

The simplicity of short cuts and the styling variety of long hair are perfectly balanced in medium-length hair. Although it needs more upkeep than extremely short styles—like controlling volume or waves—it’s usually less demanding than long hair. Using the right hair care products, such as conditioners and lightweight styling agents, can make daily styling and maintenance easier.

Is medium length hair in style?

Hell yea! As of 2024, medium length hair is very much in style for men. It has become a popular choice due to its flexibility and the increased interest in personal grooming and style variations. Medium length allows for both neat, professional looks and more modern, textured styles, making it a fashionable option for men across different ages and professional backgrounds.

What counts as medium length hair?

Medium length hair for men typically ranges from about 3 to 6 inches in length. The hair reaches the nape of the neck or slightly beyond the ears at this length, but it does not reach the shoulders. At this length, hair can be styled in a variety of ways but is not considered long or short, sitting comfortably in between.

Quick tips to keep your medium hair looking great

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