How to Make Funky Clay Rings: Easy TikTok DIY

by Maria Konou

Colorful and chunky clay rings have been all the craze online. What started as an online DIY trend soon turned into a global fashion accessory, much like resin jewelry. These funky clay rings have been all over social media (mostly on TikTok and PInterest) and it is easy to understand why. They are a unique addition to every outfit that is surprisingly easy and affordable to make yourself! What’s more, clay rings are a cool art project to keep you occupied at home during the colder months. It is a relaxing, almost therapeutic activity that does not require many skills or effort. The best part? They are completely customizable, so you get to let your creativity run wild and free! Make each DIY ring unique with vibrant colors and different embellishments. And, make sure to make some rings for your friends because they will definitely want some when they see the final result! If you want to know how you can make your own funky clay rings easily at home, then keep on reading:

Clay rings are the latest TikTok trend

how to make clay rings with different colorful designs diy project

They are an easy and fun DIY project, perfect for gloomy days 

how to make the popular tiktok rings from polymer clay

Can you make rings out of clay?

Yes! Clay has recently been gaining a lot more popularity because of all the cool things you can make with it! People on social media have been sharing short videos of them making rings, earrings, trays, and all kinds of decorations. Clay is a material that is extremely easy to manipulate, which explains all the cool things you can make with almost no effort!

With clay designs, the sky is your limit 

how to make a ring from polymer clay in shape of strawberry

You can easily manipulate the material into various cool shapes 

blue and pink polymer clay rings as seen on pinterest tiktok

What kind of clay is used for rings?

The answer is polymer clay! Polymer clay is a non-toxic, man-made polymer-based substitute for natural clay. The only thing it has in common with natural clay is that it is moulded while still soft and then heated to harden. Because the temperatures required to bake polymer-clay work are easily attained in a home oven (265° to 275° Fahrenheit), a kiln is not required. Polymer clay is a synthetic art medium that is both durable and simple to work with. Polyvinyl chloride, popularly known as PVC, is a fundamental component of polymer clay, as are different, plasticizers, and colorants. All of these elements come together to form an extremely bendable and versatile material that can be used to create a lot of cool things. For example, you might choose a softer brand for sculptures or free-form jewelry and a stiffer brand for trays. Because it does not dry out, you can save excess clay for later use. You can mix colors to make unique colors, shape it, and add a variety of textures to it. You can sand, polish, or paint it after baking.

Polymer clay is the perfect material for these funky rings

how to make your own diy rings from colorful polymer clay

You can mix different colors and create unique color combinations

how to make rings with mixed ombre colors fun and easy diy

Do clay rings break easily?

No! Unlike air dry clay, polymer clay does not shrink when it gets hard. What’s more, polymer clay is very durable, waterproof, and long-lasting. There is a chance that some of your rings might crack while baking, but that is only if you do not make them properly, so don’t worry!

Clay rings are very durable and long lasting 

polymer clay rings with chunky funky deisgns for women

How to choose the right type of clay

You want to choose a high-quality polymer clay brand that’s good for jewelry crafting in particular. The clay should be soft enough to work with easily, while also remaining solid enough to hold the fine details of your ring design. You also want to opt for a tough, flexible clay that won’t break under normal use. Two varieties of polymer clay that are recommended for jewelry-making are Premo Sculpey (a firm texture that keeps details nicely) and Sculpey Soufflé (soft and easy to work with).

The polymer clay should be solid enough to hold your unique designs

clay rings diy aesthetic ring designs in bold colors and decorations

Watch this YouTube video for tips and tricks when working with polymer clay for the first time:

As you become more acquainted with polymer clay, your ring designs will look better and better

how to make chunky polymer clay rings easily at home

How do you make clay rings at home?

What you will need:

  • polymer clay
  • tissue blade
  • a Xacto knife, craft knife, or clay slicer
  • a clay conditioner
  • an acrylic roller
  • glaze (for flossy rings)
  • Dremel tool (for precise adjustments, sanding, and buffing)

You can use glaze for glossy rings or leave them matte

the popular pinterest rings diy perfect art project for girls

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. First, start by preparing your workspace. Make sure that this DIY won’t leave a mess on your table or desk.
  2. Then select the clay you will be using and roll it out flat with your acrylic roller.
  3. Now it is time to determine the sizing of your rings. Use a basic sizing chart measured in millimeters and measure the clay out accordingly. After that, simply wrap the clay into a circular formation.
  4. After that, connect your ring and sculpt it as you wish. Use the Xacto knife and other materials to design your perfect ring. You can do whatever you want! See some pictures for inspiration and try to make the design.
  5. Then place your rings on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake in the oven according to the packaging directions.
  6. Once the clay is out of the oven and cool enough, you can embellish the rings with beads, pearls, diamonds, or whatever your heart desires!
  7. Finally, decide if you want to add a glossy glaze coating, or paint to your rings and leave them to dry.

You are done!

Get inspired by these photos and create unique designs 

how to make the chunky polymer clay rings popular trend

Watch this YouTube video for visual instructions:

Use crystals and beads as a unique decoration

extremely chunky and trendy polymer clay rings with crystal decorations

Experiment with mixing colors and ombre effects 

polymer clay tutorial rings with the coolest designs unique and fun diy

Create decorative elements like flowers, hearts, and evil eyes

handmade trendy colorful polymer clay rings with cool unique designs

Try to make the swirly chunky rings in different color combinations 

diy cute polymer clay rings in swirly design as seen on tiktok

Make a cute frog ring and gift it to your favorite people

frog ring polymer clay chunky and unique design for girls

Add small colorful crystals for an extra bling 

polymer clay rings fun diy idea tiktok pinterest trend

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