Often referred to as the long-haired Siamese, this cat is social, adaptable, and smart. While this cat may not seem like the most hypoallergenic, it's actually one of the few breeds that produce less of the Fel D1 protein.


Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex cats have curly coats that sit close to their bodies. Their coats are thin, short, and they don't shed a lot. And as a bonus, their coats are extremely soft.


Thanks to the fact that they essentially have no coat, they are allergy friendly! However, just because they don't have a coat, doesn't mean they are completely maintenance free.


Russian Blue

These gentle, happy and affectionate cats have great personalities. They are easily adaptable, affectionate, empathetic, and like to spend their time both alone and with their family. However, this breed does shed more than the other cats on this list



Just like the Balinese cat, the Siberian is though to have less of the Fel D1 protein which causes allergies. These cats are bigger than other breeds, they are fluffy, friendly and come in a ton of colors.