Salc House by Frederico Zanaleto | Architects

by Maria Konou

The windows with their red curtains resemble a theater where a major act is going to be revealed. A great way to use curtains as a focal point in the facade.

From Frederico Zanaleto | Architects:

The landscape of a native reserve in the condominium guided the deployment and the openings of the residence located in Mogi das Cruzes near Sao Paulo.The plot of 12×30m, in sharp ascent, is facing a thicket providing the occupation of social and intimate on a single floor at high level, where the view was privileged.

The service area and vehicles seized under the ground floor in the social block.

Living room and kitchen are designed in an integrated and a grand opening this volume frames the green landscape. The bedrooms, playroom, office and bathrooms take the body back of the house forming a courtyard reserved for more family living activities.

The only flat roof covering the dorms creates another volumetry which also houses the water tank.
 Glass panels bring transparency. Ceramic coating the floor of the social areas, and masonry walls to receive plaster lath. Thus, discerning the possible landscapes, took advantage of the sloping ground for the most appropriate allocation of the program of the residence and, consequently, the conformation of pleasant living areas.

Via ArchDaily

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