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Archzine is an electronic magazine devoted to interior design, garden decoration, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and DIY ideas. Our site is updated daily to bring you useful and insightful articles on various hot topics. Whether you are looking for ingenious home improvement ideas, sound fashion advice, or an extensive list of this season’s most popular hairstyles – Archzine has all the information you need.
We offer you the opportunity to prepare a PR article for your business. Once published, the article will remain on our site indefinitely.
If you do not have any specific ideas about the contents of your advert, our authors will compose an appealing and original text, tailored to the latest trends in SEO optimization: keywords, internal and external links and anchor text.

Preview Position Size Monthly page views Price per 1000 impr.
1 First position Sidebar ad right sideber (below the fold) 300x250 900 000 70.00 €
2 Secound position Wallpaper ad background full page 900 000 90.00 €
3 Third position First page ad above the fold 728x90 100 000 90.00 €
4 Fourth position Footer ad footer 728x90 100 000 20.00 €
5 Fifth position SUPERBANNER above the fold 728x90 100 000 70.00 €


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90% Germany
2% Switzerland
3% Austria

The annual number of visits – More than 100.00 unique users, 1.1 impressions, more than sessions. The audience is mainly from: United States and England

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